You know what motivates people?
It may seems irrelevant, but knowing what motivates a person is very important. Imagine that a person is looking for a job and in the end finds the one. This person passes the selection process successfully and after 3 weeks he/she is already incorporated. What happen if in this company the person does not feel motivated because there are no elements that motivate him/her?
importance of moving motivators in companies - Management 3.0

This situation can lead the person to leave the company or even lead the company itself to dismiss him alleging that he or she is not motivated. Demotivation can result in lack of commitment.

I would like to share with you how we use the Moving Motivators of Management 3.0 to identify the elements that motivate our possible future colleagues. First let me tell you what the Moving Motivators of Management 3.0 are.

Moving Motivators - Management 3.0

What are Moving Motivators?

According to Management 3.0, Moving Motivators consist of 10 intrinsic motivating elements (CHAMPFROGS) that allow people to do good and have a desire for self-control and self-direction to achieve their objectives. Successful intrinsic motivation is the result of fulfilling basic desires. Let’s look at each of them:

  • Curiosity: I have many things to investigate and think about.
  • Honor: I am proud that my personal values are reflected in my work.
  • Acceptance: People around me accept what I do and who I am.
  • Mastery: My work challenges my competencies, but it is still within my capabilities.
  • Power: There is enough space for me to influence what happens around me.
  • Freedom: I am independent of others with my work and responsibilities.
  • Relatedness: I have good relationships with people in my work.
  • Order: There are enough rules and policies for a stable environment.
  • Goals: My purpose in life is reflected in the work I do.
  • Status: My position is good, and recognized by the people who work with me.

How do we use Moving Motivators in our selection processes?

In our company we look for people and not a person with a set of skills who is a master in all of them. For us, the human and personal side prevails more than the skills, since within our company the candidate can acquire all aptitudes needed. How do we do it? 

In the selection process we carry out several activities, including the Moving Motivators, because we want to know what motivates our future colleague. We ask the person to order the cards from highest to lowest importance according to the motivation he/she feels for each one.. This allows the company along with the future employee to establish a roadmap to accompany him and allow him to do a job that motivates him, that makes him happy and improve his commitment. Imagine this situation: a person who likes stability, and enters a startup. This person works with much uncertainty because of its context and its market. It would be a no-living for such person. Because one day it could be good for the company and another may close. 

What happen after candidat election?

Nowadays in Talan Spain, we are looking for ways to introduce intrinsic motivators in our company, such as:

  • Curiosity: for the next year we will fix a date for everyone who is interested in co-create new things within a team to innovate. 24H working together 🙂
  • Goals: we are working right now with strategic goals and which are related to individual objectives. And we stop using OKRs like an indicator of individual performance. What’s more, there is no relation between bonus and OKRs. Currently, we have a gamification system with symbolic rewards.
  • Maestry: after months of discussion, we have a budget per community of practice to invest in training and skills improvement. And this budget is managed by the CoP.
  • Freedom: we create a delegation board per community of practice and we decide on an autonomous way as a team some activities to be carried out.
  • Relatedness: since people start working in Talan, people have a lot of activities to accelerate the integration and adaptation in our organization. For instance, we have created a new role which is «your best friend in Talan», a person who can help you with everything that you need. Also, you can share your personal map with everyone in the organization, and read at least 10 personal map during your first days in Talan. Each activity gives you a number of points in your gamification profile.


Moving Motivators, allow us to know much more about the person, especially knowing what motivates him. In addition, it speeds up the process of knowing if a person fits with the culture of our company or not. As a final note, comment that most candidates with whom we have implemented Moving Motivators are surprised by this activity. They say they have never experienced it in a selection process and consider it important in order to being able to share with the company what motivates them before entering the company.

More information in our category of Management 3.0.

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